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Dubai Life - Surfing in Dubai
By Administrator
 24. February 2011 16:48     , , , , , ,   Comments (1)

Traditionally when you think of surfing the first destination that springs to mind is likely to be California’s Pacific Coast, or the sunkissed sands of Australia. However there are other superb surfing destinations out there just waiting to be discovered. One of these well kept surfing secrets is Dubai. Seen as essentially a luxury retreat for the rich and famous, this resort has a surprisingly flourishing surfing scene.

Dubai Emerging Star of Surfing Scene

Don’t believe it? Just carry out a quick Google search for Surf Dubai and you will see that the scene is taking off fast. Indeed, the Middle Eastern resort destination recently hosted the Quicksilver 2011 Sunset Open, which saw more than 70 professional surfers from across the globe take to the waves of the shore of Dubai, with a large number of surfing supporters gathering in the city to offer their encouragement. The hosting of the event, for the second year running, serves to prove that Dubai is serious about surfing, which should be enticement enough for intrepid surfers to come and give it a go.

Dubai the Perfect Place to Catch Winter Waves

So when should fans of the sport visit? Well, the Dubai surf scene is active from October to April, with the best surfing conditions and wildest waves occurring in December, January and February – making this the perfect destination for some winter surf, especially with the proliferation of cheap flights to Dubai and the average water temperatures during these months sitting somewhere between 20 and 22 degrees Celsius.

Young Scene Offers Excitement

While established surf resorts offer an entrenched surfing scene, Dubai brings something fresh and exciting to the mix, with a scene that is just a teenager in comparison to the “old man” surfing beaches of Maui or Malibu. Indeed the popular water sport only really took off in the area in the early 90s althouth it has swelled with an influx of expats from traditional surfing nations brought to the area by their business and bringing with them an experience and expertise that has helped the young scene to grow and expand.

So Where Do You Surf in Dubai?

While originally Dubai offered a greater selection of stretches of shore for surfing, the ongoing land and seascaping in the area has really concentrated the wave catching action into two areas of this resort, with the numerous manmade islands now acting as breakwaters in previously popular areas. The first good spot for surfing is the Jumeira Beach which runs alongside the city’s Jumeira Road, while good waves also break at Al Mamzar Park in the Deira area of Dubai. Head towards Surfer's paradise and book from a huge collection of dubai furnished apartment,  dubai beach apartments, dubai serviced apartments, dubai holiday apartments, dubai self catering apartments, dubai rental apartments or simply visit our dubai accommodation page.

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