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Dubai Metro Time Table

Dubai has very well designed travel systems and one of the most convenient way to navigate the city is by the using Dubai Metro. Metro in Dubai has not just made traveling easy but has also made significant environmental and social impact on the city. Wireless internet access is made available in Dubai Metro trains and stations. When completed Dubai Metro System will have 47 stations (nine of them will be underground) with a total length of 75 kilometers and four extensive metro lines that will serve the city of Dubai. The Red line started its operations in September 2009, the Green Line in September 2011 where as Purple and Blue lines will be completed later on.

Red Line:

Total Distance Covered by Red Line: 52.1km
Red Line Stations: 29 (24 elevated,4 underground and 1 ground level station)
Red Line Travel time: 1 hour 12 minutes approx
Average Travel Time Between Stations: 60–90 seconds.
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Green Line:

Total Distance Covered by Green Line: 23km
GreenLine Stations: 18 (12 elevated,6 underground and 2 shared stations with Red Line)
Green Line Travel time: 42 minutes approx
Average Travel Time Between Stations: 60–90 seconds.
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Dubai metro runs 50 trains in the rush hours and 28 trains in the off-peak times with 6 to 8 minutes gap between train services in the morning and 5 to 6 minutes gap in the evening. Dubai metro has 79 trains where each 85.5m long train can easily accommodate 643 passengers. Information for passengers in Arabic as well as in English is displayed along with the route maps. CCTV monitors are also installed on every carriage. All the trains underwent maintenance tests after every 3 days.


The enigmatic Dubai Metro runs 7 days a week. Operating times are :
5:50 am until midnight From Saturday to Wednesday
5:50 am to 1 am on Thursday
1 pm until 1 am on Fridays.
During Ramadan the Metro Timings will remain unchanged.
Trains are frequent so there won’t be any trouble even without a timetable or a Metro Map

The interior of Dubai metro is indicative of the rich historical and pearl diving culture of Dubai and is portrayed magnificently through its distinctive shell-shaped roofs. All Dubai metro stations on Red and Green Lines focus on one of the four main elements of nature namely Air (11 stations), Earth (12 stations), Fire (11 stations), or Water (13 stations), and the interior of the metro trains are based on water and air theme.

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